Knowing that you will be coming from your home university, with its unique programme structure, being able to customise your module selection to suit your course of study will help you meet your goals.

Designing your own programme

South Africa, a country situated at the southern end of the African continent, is a quilt of landscapes, fauna and flora. Each of the country’s nine provinces offers visitors a unique view into some aspect of South African life, and that which Africa is so popular for, its natural wild side.

Go to the following link in your web browser:

  • Click on the Programmes tab
  • Once the Programmes page loads, slightly scroll down and choose the desired Faculty. E.g. Faculty of Arts.
  • Once you click on the faculty, a list of faculty schools will appear. E.g. School of Governmental and Social Sciences.
  • Click on the desired faculty school. A list of qualifications which are offered under the school will be displayed. E.g. BA Administration.
  • Click on the desired qualification. You will see information about the qualification.
  • At the bottom of the chosen qulification page, click on Module Details
  • A list of modules offered under the qualification will be displayed. The modules will be listed according to year and semester they are offered in.
  • Please click on the module in order to get a brief description about the module
  • Once you have preselected your modules please fill in the attached module selection form.

Kindly note: Semester 1 = term 1/term 2, and Semester 2 = term 3/term 4.

Commonly selected modules

South African language courses:
  • Afrikaans For Beginners (LAB111)
  • isiXhosa For Beginners (LXP111+LXP112)
  • Afrikaans For Beginners (LAB112)
  • isiXhosa For Beginners (LXP113+LXP114)
Faculty of Arts:
  • Understanding Cultural Diversity A (SA101)
  • Understanding Cultural Diversity B (SA102)
  • Political History Of Sa In 20th Cent (A) (SSH201)
  • Modern Africa- History & Philosophy (SSH204)
  • History Of African Human Migration (SSH205)
Faculty of Business and Economic Science:
  • Marketing Management (EBM201)
  • Logistics And Purchasing Management (EBM202)
  • Marketing Communication Management (EBM203)
  • Financial Management (EBM301)
  • General And Strategic Management (EBM302)
  • Internet Marketing Strategies (EBM304)
  • International Marketing Management And Strategy (EBM305)
Faculty of Education:
  • South African Education In Time & Space (PGED112)
  • Educational Thought, Teaching And Learning (PGED201)
  • Curriculum Design And Development (PGED202)
  • Psychology In Education & Training (SP107)
  • Applied Child & Adolescent Development (SP105)