Are you ready for a unique experience - an experience that will shape your thoughts and allow you to dance to an African drumbeat?

Your choice study abroad at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University for six months or a year allows you to experience top quality and affordable education as well as our amazing wildlife, history and the culture of South Africa!

What type of student are you?

Exchange Student

NMMU has signed exchange agreements with specific institutions throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. The exchange agreements have been set up for a specific number of students who will be selected by their home institution.

Each home institution has their own internal procedure to select students. Students must liaise with their International Office, and applications will only be accepted if it is submitted via their International Office.


Study Abroad

NMMU accepts students from partner universities that are not covered by an exchange agreement. A Study Abroad student is a full-time non-degree seeking student registering for a variety of modules from one or more faculties for a period of six months to one year.

Free Mover

NMMU also accepts students from universities with whom we do not have agreements. Basically this is the same as a Study Abroad student, but you are referred to as a “Free Mover”.

Where is NMMU?

Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay is the beautiful coastal town where the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University lays its foundation.

With a total of 6 campuses the NMMU is the largest international university in the Southern Cape with our main campus in the heart if a nature reserve.

Offering blazing orange sunsets, tranquil sandy-white beaches and thick, lush green forests where the ghosts of past inhabitants still linger, the Eastern Cape, South Africa is where people with friendly smiles greet you with a "good morning", "goeie more"’ or "molo"... we want you to experience this Africa!

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Explore our beautiful country

Taking trips around South Africa while you study at the NMMU is something we’re sure you want to do, so we have a few pacakges for you...

Make a difference...

We’re very passionate about giving our study abroad students the opportunity to connect with people and projects in our local communities

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